Loyalty Buyer

InnoFit - Loyalty Program

Find out all the details about the InnoFit loyalty program here.

It's important to know that as a frequent buyer, you have no monthly commitments, meaning you buy when you want and for as much as you want. As you have experienced, we provide you with a web office where you can do this conveniently.
But you also have the opportunity to take advantage of the loyalty benefits we offer.

What benefits do we offer you as a frequent buyer?
If you make a large purchase at one time - at least 0 EUR in one purchase - you will be entitled to a free product as a bonus. Then you can choose 1 powder product (1 Orifit or Purfit) as a gift with your package. Of course, if you buy more than 0 EUR at a time, you will get 2 powder products, and if you buy more than 0 EUR, you will get 3 products as a gift.

If you become a regular customer and buy regularly every month for at least 0 EUR (and you can do this with several smaller purchases), you will have the option after 3 months to freely mix and match products in the Basic package in a ratio of 2 powders and 2 concentrates, as long as you do this month after month. The benefit of buying the Basic package is that you can get InnoFit products at 10% off the unit price. Once the ongoing minimum monthly purchase of 0 EUR is no longer available, you can start again at any time and take advantage of this offer again after another 3 months.

In order to remain a loyalty customer of InnoFit, retain your loyalty benefits and your website, you must make at least 1 purchase every 6 months.

Please note, if you do not place your order through your own loyalty web office, but as an external customer on the website, you will unfortunately not be able to take advantage of the loyalty discounts and we will not be able to count these purchases towards the discounts.