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The story behind the InnoFit brand is quite extraordinary. Meet the Mihalik family.

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For the sake of the immune enhancement of my family, each month I buy an entire package of InnoFit products, and this reassures me that our children get only natural fruits. They like it very much and I have no further remorse over giving them vitamin tablets puffed with artificial additives.

Valeria Szabó


The other day, I woke up with a dull headache. This usually develops into a migrainous head trauma, something I have been only able to remedy with sleeping.
I read here in this group that Topform might help fight headaches.

So I took two scoops of it... and soon the headache was gone. Instead of sleeping, I could make a productive day. 🤩

Adrienn Ródl


I noticed recently that ever since I have consumed InnoFit products, when in a night shift or when I cannot have a good night’s sleep for a reason, I still can concentrate on my work and I can cope whenever needed. I have  been consuming the four products since July.

Bernadett Bese


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